Me 1o1


Hi! Everyone Finally my blog is almost done! Come let’s meet!

I’m Kate Claire Lampitoc, born and raised from the Queen Province of the North Isabela. Proud Isabelina here! I am girl with an American Dream. Believing that forever and happily ever after only exist in the movies. I can say that almost 15 years in this world was fun as I always says, ‘World, it was always fun meeting up with you’. In my existence in this life I have been through a lot, but I now i was just a beginning as if we compare it to food course it was just the appetizer. Life is a coaster all you have to do is to enjoy and go with the flow of it.

I am now fourth year student under the special science curriculum. In the distance future, I dream to become a Psychiatrist. In my  fifteen   years of existence, I used believe in the saying, “In everything you do, put God first so He will direct and crown you with success.”



Food/s: Spicy bShrimp

Color: Green

Athlete/s: Ara Galang ; Peter Torres

Singer/s: Demi Lovato

Song/s: She Will Be Loved

Hobbies:  Eating, Reading, Surfing the Net

Drinks: Water

Anime Character: Naruto

Ambition: To become a successful Psychiatrist

Place: Sky Ranch Tagaytay




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