That Unique Thing called LOVE


One word, four letters, LOVE. “Acceptance, forgiveness, tears, sadness, happiness, moving on, letting go, terms of endearment, I miss you and I love you” are the words people used to hear from someone who has fallen in love. But some people say individuals would only know the meaning of love when tthey’veexperienced it.

As I always say to my friend Moniera “Love ddoesn’thave an exact meaning. Even the dictionary can’t give the real meaning of it. You can’t define love with just saying it; rather, you can just define it when you are already feeling it.”

Some people say falling in love is stupid, they may say this because they have been hurt, left behind crying, left hanging or they haven’t found it. People, however, say this, because people know the feeling, that unique feeling that comes in many ways.

As a bachelor said “Falling in love is all about taking a risk, risk that can harm, that can bury pain and all you have to do is to ask you’re if you’re ready to take the risk.”

Will you STAY or LET GO?

Will you STAY or LET GO? It’s all about taking the RISK.

Loving a person is neither an easy thing nor an easy situation. Once a person falls in love, he or she decides not only to be happy, but also to get hurt and experience pain. Adults or married people are already considered experts, but young people become very interested when it comes to love because it is the only chance of sharing thoughts, feelings, and experiences that sometimes youth often feel the pain at a very young age.

But being in love is so much fun, it was just like riding on a roller coaster and all you have to do is to put your hands in the air and go with the flow of it just like it has no end like forever.  An ordinary day would turn into a complete day as if there’s no tomorrow, however, when there is the sun, there is also the moon. One of the worst feelings of being in love is loving someone who can’t love you back. Falling in love may be an endless happiness or an endless torture at the same time.

Love makes people say “Maybe I don’t cry, but it hurts, maybe I won’t say, but I feel, maybe I don’t show but I care, maybe I’ll just say I’m okay, but I’m not, maybe I can’t open my mouth to say the three wonderful words to but I want to.”

Love doesn’t cause persons to hide feelings and pretend, but to be happy and contented until it’s gone.


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